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Cal-Chek Canada is ISO 17025 accredited and provides calibration and certification of most makes and capacities of Testing Machines including:
-Tinius Olsen
-Test Mark
-M & L

All calibrations are to current ASTM E-4 and CSA A23.2-9C specifications.
Cal-Chek Canada also provides calibration and certification of the following:
-Asphalt testing equipment, Soil and CBR Proving Rings & Load Cells including: Marshall, Humboldt, Soiltest, Geotest, Pine Instrument
-Melt Indexers to ASTM D-1238
-Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Testers to ASTM E-18 and ASTM E-10
-Extensometers & Deflectometers to ASTM E-83
-Scales/Balances (NOT ISO)

Certificate & Scope of Accreditation: Download Now (pdf)

Calibration & Certification program includes:
-Precalibration/Preventative maintenance check & report of accuracy, safety & operating features
-Adjustments to bring accuracy to within 1% ASTM & CSA allowed error,
note: we strive to obtain +/-0.5% error if at all possible
-Stickered certification at time of calibration, offical certification follows by mail

Cal-Chek Canada's calibration equipment is regularly certified to ASTM E-74 and is directly traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology).

Prompt Service & Reasonable Rates
Emergency, after hours & weekend service available. Year round service in Southern Ontario and regular scheduled trips to all other areas of Canada.

Regular Scheduled Trips
Maritimes - February/March
Eastern Ontario - 4 to 5 times per year
Northern Ontario - April
Manitoba - April/May
Saskatchewan - May/October
Alberta - June/October
British Columbia - July/November
Yukon/Northwest Territories - July
Note: The above dates & times are estimates only, please call or email for more information. Special trips to any location can be arranged at an extra expense.

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