Steps to a WSIB Certificate

You can now download any Companies WSIB certificate from the WSIB website. Follow the steps below to get a certificate:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Employers (Located in the middle in GREEN)
  3. click on eServices (Left menu, second item)
  4. click on eClearance.
  5. Click on Access eClearance now — no User ID required (located middle).
  6. Create Clearance Certificate will load. You will be asked “Requested by Principal or Contractor?” – Principal hires a contractor and a Contractor is hired by a Principal.
  7. Select Principal and then click continue.
  8. Find requester’s account (principal) will appear. If you know your companies account number, enter it here and click search or you can click on Advanced Search and search for your company.
  9. Once your company appears below in Search Results, under Actions click on Select Principal.
  10. Now you will be on Search for contactor(s). To find Cal-Chek Canada enter our account number 6474314 or Cal-Chek Canada in the Advanced Search.
  11. John Newitt / Cal-Chek Canada will appear in Search Results below. Check the box to the left of the company name and then click on Add Selected to eCart.
  12. You will see a Create Certificate button on the right hand side, click this button.
  13. The certificate in now created. Click on Save as PDF, located on the top right and then save the file or print it.